10 Tips For Getting Satisfaction While Negotiating

Ok, so the title for this post is a bit screwy, but hopefully the point is clear: at the end of the day, negotiating is all about having both sides leave the negotiating table feeling satisfied. They may have had to give in on some things; however, in the end […]

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3 Negotiation Tips From The Master: Donald Trump

I believe that by now we all probably have somewhat of a love / hate relationship with Donald Trump (“The Donald” if you like). No matter how you feel about the guy, you have to give him credit – he’s done quite well for himself. What’s interesting is that as […]

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Both Win: How To Negotiate A Better Deal For Both Parties

The phrase “win-win” is looking pretty ragged along about now. How about if we talk about the much more meaningful “both win” strategy for negotiating? The key to creating a successful both-win negotiation is to remember that at its heart, negotiation is all about sharing value between both parties. If […]

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Do You Want To Play A Game? EA & Take-Two’s Negotiating Failure

At this blog, we firmly believe that the best negotiating learning comes from observing the real world – not from just reading yet-another-book-on-negotiating. Thankfully, there continue to be a number of fantastic stories in the news that provide key lessons on how companies negotiate with each other and, all too […]

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