Video: Negotiating With Vendors

So this time around, we’re going to do things just a bit differently. There’s a video that has been going around on YouTube that does a pretty classic job of capturing just how ridiculous negotiating between vendors and clients can be.

The video is just a bit over two minutes long, but in three different situations it does a great job of capturing the vocabulary that we hear over and over again when clients try to negotiate with vendors solely on price.

We’ve talked about it before, but this video is a great reminder that when you are getting ready to enter into a sales negotiaton, you need to have identified ALL of the different points (including price) that are up for negotiation.

Here’s the video, enjoy!

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What We’ll Be Talking About Next Time

In the quest to do a better job at negotiating deals, sales negotiators have been known to do some pretty wild things in order to condition themselves to perform at a high level – extreme exercising, exposure to hot / cold temperatures, and even eating some pretty weird things. However, is it possible that they’ve been overlooking the most important thing – how happy they are?

4 thoughts on “Video: Negotiating With Vendors”

  1. I like it. Right on the Money (Pun intended). It depicts many of the common stunts. The unfortunate thing is that they work – at least in the short term. Suppliers buckle and the actions are repeated.

    A classic that is missing from this is the one where the guy that just eats the meal at the restaurant says that he had a bad year so he’s got to cut back on his meal spend by 15% and all of his favorite restaurants need to feel the pain starting today. If they don’t, they’ll be dropped from the preferred restaurant list and he’ll never return. If they do play along they’ll have a shot at achieving favorite restaurant status. Once the restaurant consolidation is completed, they’ll be able to participate in the reverse auction process for the opportunity to provide many more deeply discounted meals.

    • Nick: yep, that’s a missing “classic” from the video. No matter how you look at it, sort term gains can mess up a relationship forever and all too often firms forget that the shoe may be on the other foot someday…


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