Video: Negotiation Awards: Who’s The Best Negotiator In The World?

Dr. Jim Anderson discovers who the best negotiators in the world are — 2-year olds! Dr. Anderson explores how kids learn to negotiate and what lessons sales negotiators can learn from little kids. If you want to get more negotiating secrets, subscribe to the free The Accidental Negotiator newsletter here:

Video: Succeed By Bringing The Ghost Whisperer To The Negotiation

Dr. Jim Anderson explains why it can be so difficult to reach an agreement during a negotiation — there are ghosts in the room! Dr. Anderson shows that the other side of the table has to make sure that many parties have their needs met by any agreement that is reached. He shows you how […]

Video: C’est La Vie – French Lessons For Sales Negotiators

Dr. Jim Anderson has discovered that when you negotiate with French negotiators everything is different. Dr. Anderson shows that it is possible to reach a deal when the other side of the table is French. You just need to realize that the French negotiators see the world differently than you do. Dr. Anderson explains… If […]

Video: Negotiation Do’s & Don’ts From The Master Negotiators

Dr. Jim Anderson shares the top 10 things that master negotiators do during a negotiation. These are the secrets that you can’t find in any books, DVDs, or online courses. Dr. Anderson has done the research for you and he shares what he’s learned in this video. If you want to get more negotiating secrets, […]