What Is Your “Vision” During A Negotiation?

Have you ever wrapped up a negotiation that didn’t end in a deadlock and yet still you felt disappointed? There is a very good possibility that what has happened here is that you entered into that negotiation without knowing what your bottom line vision was. For you see, if you don’t have a clear understanding … Read more

Why You Don’t Know What The Other Side Doesn’t Know

The trick to doing well at your next negotiation is to know who knows what no matter what negotiation styles or negotiating techniques are being used. Or another way of saying that is you want to fully understand what the other side of the table does not know. Hmm, this is all getting rather confusing. … Read more

Hey Negotiator, Did Someone Say “Audit”?

I was wondering, could you take just a moment and remind me why we go to the effort of participating in a negotiation? Yeah, yeah – I know that one of the reasons is so that we can reach a deal with the other side. However, I don’t think that that is the only reason … Read more