Good Sales Negotiators Know Not To Fear A Deadlock

What’s the one thing that negotiators fear the most? Not being able to reach a deal with the other side – this would mean that we’ve wasted everyone’s time with our negotiations. There are a lot of different terms to describe this situation, but the one that strikes fear in everyone’s heart is “deadlock” simply … Read more

In The End, It’s What’s In The Contract That Really Counts

There’s a dirty little secret in the world of negotiations that none of us really like to talk about. We like to think that in order to get the other side of the table to do something, all we have to do is to execute the negotiation process to reach a deal with them, get … Read more

Change Happens, Deal With It During A Negotiation

Have you ever given any thought to just exactly what happens after you’ve used your negotiation styles and negotiating techniques to negotiate the other side of the table down to the lowest price possible? I mean sure, you walk away from the negotiating table with a sense of accomplishment, but what happens next? The Power … Read more

Why Fait Accompli Spells Bad News For Negotiators

When you enter into negotiations with somebody, the thought is that neither side is going to take action until the negotiations reach some sort of conclusion. We expect the other side to use all sorts of different negotiation styles and negotiating techniques during the discussions. However, sometimes either the other side or you do something … Read more

Negotiators Need To Learn How To Deal With Experts

So let’s think about your next negotiating session. There you are and everything is going along quite nicely. You are making your points and the other side doesn’t seem to be objecting to them too much. All of a sudden another person arrives and joins the other side of the table. They are introduced as … Read more

Do We Really Need To Negotiate If We’re Going To Be Partners?

Welcome To The Age Of Partnering Remember when every business used to view themselves as an island? This made life pretty simple for anyone doing sales negotiations – it was always us vs. them. Well, it sure looks like someone farther up the corporate ladder has been reading those business self-help books and they’ve decided … Read more

3 Rules Of Negotiating Power That You Need To Know

Let your mind drift back to the last sales negotiation that you were involved in. When talk finally got around to negotiating a deal, after all of the PowerPoint slide shows, all of the RFP responses, maybe even the product bake-offs, who had the upper hand – you or the other side of the table? … Read more

Gang Negotiating: Does More People Make For Better Deals?

The next time that you are facing a situation that will require a sales negotiation, I’d like to ask you to stop for a moment and consider one important question: should you go it alone or should you bring others from your side along with you? Although you might think that you know the answer … Read more