Monthly Archives: December 2008

Use The “Reverse-Godfather” Approach To Win A Negotiation

In the classic movie, The Godfather, Marlin Brando utters the unforgettable phrase “I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse.” Clearly Brando’s character Don Corleone is operating from a position of negotiating power as the head of an organized crime family. However, is there anything in this phrase that us […]

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Merry Christmas – Take The Week Off!

Loyal readers & subscribers, here’s hoping that this upcoming Christmas season week is a great week for you – I’m taking it off! Blogging will resume next week… Everyone seems to celebrate something different this week, but I’m hoping that no matter how you choose to spend your time you […]

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Every Negotiation Needs A Rap(port) Star!

So here’s something that will blow your mind: studies have shown that car shopping customers are willing to pay between $200 and $300 MORE for a car if during the negotiation process they became convinced that the salesperson was committed to their satisfaction. Wow – talk about a successful negotiation […]

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Single vs Team Negotiation: Which Is Better?

Sorry – that’s a trick question. Most of the time when we talk about negotiating skills, we talk about how you can improve how YOU negotiate. However, in the real world, negotiations are often done by teams of negotiators. The reasons for this are fairly simple: negotiations more often than […]

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How To Hire A Negotiator

In life, there are some situations that you will be called on to negotiate in order to get what you want / need.  However, there will also be situations in which you have the time (and the budget!) to reach out and get outside help. Getting outside negotiating help can […]

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Negotiation Do’s & Don’ts From The Master Negotiators

If only there was some book, some DVD to watch, or some class that you could take that would provide you with access to all of the secrets of those master negotiators whom we are always reading about. You know the ones, they negotiate the billion dollar business deal, the […]

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