Monthly Archives: July 2011

Sales Negotiators Know That It’s Ok To Not Understand Things

One of the great myths of sales negotiating is that you always have to know everything about everything. It turns out that even the great negotiators can’t do this. There are a whole bunch of reasons why, but the important fact is that it’s not possible to always be on […]

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Sales Negotiators Know That Authority Looks Different Around The World

When you sit down to conduct a sales negotiation, you need to be assured that the people sitting on the other side of the table have been granted the authority by their company or organization to reach a deal with you. Under normal circumstances this can hard enough to do; […]

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Prove It!: 5 Techniques For Determining How Much Authority The Other Side Really Has

What’s your most valuable resource? You might have said money, but I’m willing to bet that it’s really something else – time. You can always earn more money, but once you spend time on some task, it’s gone, gone, gone. That’s why when you are negotiating with someone it is […]

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How To Control What Gets Discussed During A Sales Negotiation

Are you familiar with the “shell game”? You know, it’s the one that they show in the movies all the time where the street hustler sets up a table with three shells of some sort on it. He proceeds to put a pea under one of the shells, shuffles them, […]

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