Video: Negotiation Do’s & Don’ts From The Master Negotiators

Dr. Jim Anderson shares the top 10 things that master negotiators do during a negotiation.

These are the secrets that you can’t find in any books, DVDs, or online courses. Dr. Anderson has done the research for you and he shares what he’s learned in this video.

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2 thoughts on “Video: Negotiation Do’s & Don’ts From The Master Negotiators”

  1. Great first video Dr. Jim! I wholeheartedly agree with several of your points, in particular: not allowing your personal feelings to cloud your outcome by worrying too much about being liked, continuing to make investments in your skill st by reading and practicing, and keeping negotiations a team sport. Despite the fact that the video is only 5 minutes long, it does a good job of covering the basics. Plus, let’s face it – can you ever really claim to have mastered the basics of negotiation?


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