How Can A Negotiator Save A Deal From Collapsing?

Negotiators need to know how to bring a deal back from the dead

So just exactly when is a negotiation over? I’m pretty sure that by now you know that this is a loaded question – a negotiation is never over. Even after we’ve been able to use our negotiation styles and negotiating techniques to reach a deal with the other side, we still need to make sure … Read more

Video: Succeed By Bringing The Ghost Whisperer To The Negotiation

Dr. Jim Anderson explains why it can be so difficult to reach an agreement during a negotiation — there are ghosts in the room! Dr. Anderson shows that the other side of the table has to make sure that many parties have their needs met by any agreement that is reached. He shows you how … Read more

Succeed By Bringing The Ghost Whisperer To The Negotiation

So there you are, sitting across the the table from the other side starting a negotiation. If only you are able to use your considerable negotiating talents to convince them that what you want is best for them, then you’re sure to get what you want – right? Nope, it turns out that although you … Read more