How Negotiators Can Use The United Nations To Fix Deadlocks

Let’s face it: in any negotiation, a deadlock can occur. We’d like to think that we are skillful enough as negotiators that we could prevent it; however, the reality is that any negotiation can grind to a halt. When this happens, maybe it’s time for you to call in the United Nations in order to […]

Why Negotiators Need To Negotiate With Everyone Who Is On The Other Side Of The Table

Just exactly who are these negotiations being conducted with? If I asked you this question, you’d probably tell me that you are negotiating with the other side of the table. You’d be both right and wrong. The negotiation process is much more complicated and you need to understand why if you are going to reach […]

Get Your Product Or Service Seen By 400 Sales Negotiators Every Week!

  Would you like your product or service to be seen by over 400 sales negotiators every week? It turns out that this kind of targeted advertising is actually very easy to do — advertise on The Accidental Negotiator blog! High quality sales negotiator focused content and a loyal reader base combine to make this […]

When Is It Time To Switch Negotiators?

Have you ever been engaged in a negotiation in which things just didn’t seem to be going very well? Eventually everything ground to a halt and you realized that the negotiation had hit a deadlock? Were you able to determine why this had happened? I almost hate to bring this up, but is there a […]

Good Negotiators Know How To Change Dissatisfaction Into Satisfaction

One of the most important questions that every negotiator needs to be considering during a negotiation is just exactly why the other side of the table is there. What are they really hoping to get out of the investment of time and energy that they are putting into this negotiation? Ultimately, they are looking to […]