Monthly Archives: June 2010

Quick Close Negotiating: 4 Ways To Get There Faster

I’m pretty sure that any sales negotiator who was given a choice would always choose to close a deal quicker rather than slower. Sure, there are probably some masochists out there, but let’s assume that everyone else would choose the quicker option. Great, now just exactly how do we go […]

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5 Steps For Preparing For Your Next Sales Negotiation

So let’s say that you were going to drive to some place far, far away. Let’s go a step farther and say that you sorta knew where you were going to go to, but that you had never been there before. Can you imagine yourself just jumping into the car […]

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How To Use The “Pivot Technique” To Defend Your Price During A Sales Negotiation

I just love Ferris wheels. They are generally huge, have the ability to take you way up into the sky and then always bring you safely back down to earth. If you’ve ever taken the time to look at how a Ferris wheel is built, then you already know about […]

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