You Want A Bargain? Learn How Other Cultures Barter

Although we pride ourselves on living in modern times, the art of negotiating is an ancient skill that our relatives who lived in more humble times probably did better than we do. Don’t despair — there’s no need to feel like a dummy! What your ancestors once knew can be quickly relearned! (plus you already […]

The Seven Deadly Sins Of Preparing To Negotiate

You wouldn’t show up for a job interview naked (well, let’s say that you wouldn’t show up naked for MOST job interviews). You wouldn’t sit down to gamble in Las Vegas unless you knew the rules of the game. You wouldn’t start to run a marathon while wearing snow boots. So why would you ever […]

Microsoft / Yahoo — When Negotiations Go Bad

It’s sorta old news at this point in time, but Microsoft’s offer to buy Yahoo fell through. What’s interesting about this from an Accidental Negotiator point-of-view is that it offers a number of important lessons for us mere mortals who only occasionally get to practice negotiating. First we need to set the stage. According to […]

Got To Keep ‘Em Separated — Roles In Negotiating

It really doesn’t matter if you are negotiating to buy a car, buy a house, buy a new email system for your company, or just where you and your significant other will go out to dinner on Friday night. In every negotiating situation, you need to realize that there are different roles to be played […]