How To Negotiate With Millennials

Why does it seems as though millennials are so different from everyone else?

In the world of negotiating, there are a lot of different challenges that we all face. What many of us are discovering is that one of the biggest challenges that we are having to face happens when we have to negotiate with millennials. In comparison to the baby boomers or the Generation Xers who followed, … Read more

What Is The Real Goal Of Any Negotiation?

I’d like to clear something up right off the bat. Negotiating is not something that you and I do every once in awhile. It’s not limited to something that we prepare for and then come to a room, sit down, and start. Rather, it’s a part of every day of our lives. We negotiate with … Read more

It’s Closing Time: How To Wrap Up A Negotiation

No negotiation has ever been designed to go on and on forever. However, sometimes it sure seems like the negotiation that we are involved in will never end. That’s why one of the skills that every negotiator needs to have is the ability to get the other side of the table to start to wrap … Read more