What Can The NYPD Crisis Negotiations Team Teach Us About Negotiating?

We need to learn crisis negotiation techniques from negotiators in the trenches

In the world of negotiating, we all run into negotiating situations that can be stressful. The other side gets upset with us for some reason, they rant and rave and make a wide variety of threats, we try to keep things moving forward and ultimately if we are lucky we are able to reach a … Read more

The Art Of Dealing With A Sole Supplier

If you view starting a negotiation as going into battle, then you’d like to be able to start things off being balanced. Neither side should have too much of an advantage, both should show up ready to do battle on a level playing field using their own set of negotiation styles and negotiating techniques. However, … Read more

The Power Of Parallel Negotiating Tracks

All too often in a negotiation we encounter a situation where no matter what negotiation styles or negotiating techniques we use, we are told to “take it or leave it”. This can be a big roadblock when it comes to finding a way to reach a deal with the other side. The good news is … Read more