The 4 Types Of Commitment You Have To Bring To A Negotiation

As negotiators we understand that a great deal of what it takes to be successful in a negotiation resides in our head. How we view the negotiation, how we view the other side of the table, etc. are all key parts to what kind of deal we can expect to walk away with. However, there … Read more

Negotiators Need To Know: When Is A Negotiation Truly Over?

I believe that we can all recognize when a negotiation starts. It might even be possible to recognize when a negotiation is about half-way through – some issues have been resolved, more remain to be discussed. However, push aside all of the negotiation styles and negotiating techniques that are involved in a negotiation and one … Read more

The Total Cost Approach For Dealing With Unmovable Prices

When a seller is standing firm and appears to have no desire to make any concessions to you on the price of the product or service that they are selling, what’s a buyer to do? I don’t care how charismatic you are, you can spend all day talking and still not make any progress on … Read more