How Should Negotiators Respond To Threats?

Negotiators need to know how to react when they are threatened

So a negotiation is a business discussion that occurs between two adults, correct? Well, in a lot of cases this is a correct statement. However, there are times when things can become heated during a negotiation. When one side feels as though they are not getting their way, they start to look for ways that … Read more

How Negotiators Can Use “Take It Or Leave It”

In every negotiation we can reach a point where we’re done. We’ve said what we needed to say. We’ve made all of the concessions that we plan on making. We think that the other side has given us as much as they are going to give us. Investing any more time in this negotiation or … Read more

What Does “Take It Or Leave It” Mean In A Sales Negotiation?

The one thing that you never want to hear during a sales negotiation is the other side of the table telling you to “… take it or leave it.” It sure doesn’t seem as though you have any other options when they tell you this. Or do you…? The Power Of 5 Words Nothing can … Read more