Four Things About Negotiating That Are Not True

Negotiating myths can prevent us from becoming better negotiators

Every negotiator wants to become better. However, the big question that we all face is how to go about doing this. For some of us, reading books on negotiations or attending negotiations can expose us to new negotiation styles and negotiating techniques. However, it turns out that most of us would benefit the most if … Read more

Video: Negotiation Awards: Who’s The Best Negotiator In The World?

Dr. Jim Anderson discovers who the best negotiators in the world are — 2-year olds! Dr. Anderson explores how kids learn to negotiate and what lessons sales negotiators can learn from little kids. If you want to get more negotiating secrets, subscribe to the free The Accidental Negotiator newsletter here:

Negotiation Awards: Who’s The Best Negotiator In The World?

We all like to think of ourselves as fairly good negotiators who are constantly getting better. However, it’s time that we take a moment and acknowledge that there will always be someone better than us out there. Someone to whom negotiating skills come as almost a second nature. Whose very survival, arguably, could depend on … Read more