Boeing Uses Negotiation To Dodge Yet Another Strike

Boeing’s commercial aircraft division just wrapped up the longest strike that Boeing has had in over a decade. Its Machinists have agreed to go back to work after 57 days off of the job. The press was saying that the strike was costing Boeing over $100M a day because of delays in the 3,000+ orders … Read more

Boeing Strike Is Over: Did Negotiation Save The Day?

Just in case you had not heard, the Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers has settled its strike with Boeing. The machinists had been off the job and on the picket lines for 52 days – a very long time for a Boeing strike. Both sides are calling the agreement that they came to as … Read more

It’s Negotiation Time At Boeing: Plane & Simple

Even as the rest of the world is going through a financial melt-down, out in Seattle there is still strike going on at Boeing that is costing the company roughly $100M in missed revenue per day. Ouch! Just in case you have not been following this story, the 27,000 members of the International Associaition of … Read more

Whatever Happened To That Boeing Negotiation?

We’ve talked before about the labor negotiatons and the strike that is happening at Boeing. Since we last talked, the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers has gone out on strike against Boeing. This has caused Boeing’s commercial airplane factories to be idled for over three weeks so far. Probably what’s even more important … Read more