The Art Of Making “How” Concessions

In some negotiating circles, the word “concession” is a dirty word. It means to give in to the other side, to agree to do something that they want you to do. Those negotiators who believe in using their negotiation styles and negotiating techniques to achieve “winner takes all” don’t like this concept because they believe … Read more

Sales Negotiators Know That The Devil Is In The Details

What is it going to take to make your next sales negotiation work out the way that you want it to? Do you need to go buy a bunch of negotiating books to learn the latest negotiation styles or negotiating techniques? Do you need to bring in a hired gun? Or maybe all it will … Read more

3 Secrets Successful Sales Negotiators Use To Win

Ok, so I’ll be the first to admit it – I used the forbidden word “win” in the title. In sales negotiations we prefer to not say “win” because it implies that there is also a “loser”. and that’s not a good thing. How about if we try something like “3 secrets to always walking … Read more