How To Buy Yourself More Time During A Negotiation

October 14, 2016

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Any negotiation can be a fast paced affair. The other side uses different negotiation styles and negotiating techniques to start to throw ideas and proposals at us one after another and we very quickly feel ourselves becoming overwhelmed. In order […]

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Using Concessions To Get The Deal That You Want

October 7, 2016

When we enter a negotiation, all too often we are thinking about what we want to get no matter what negotiation styles or negotiating techniques are used. Perhaps what we really should be thinking about is what we are going to be willing to give. What we need to remember is that a negotiation always […]

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The Power Of Knowing When To Ask For Help During A Negotiation

September 30, 2016

As negotiators we like to think of ourselves as being “all knowing” and “invincible”. In fact, we’d really like the other side of the table to view us in that way no matter what negotiation styles or negotiating techniques are being used. However, the reality is that we really don’t know everything. In fact, not […]

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Why Playing Dumb Is The Right Thing To Do In A Negotiation

September 23, 2016

I don’t know about you, but I like it when I’m able to impress other people with just how smart I am. I like to show them that I’ve researched the issues that we’re negotiating and that I have a lot of experience in this area. However, it turns out that this might be the […]

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New Book: Take No Prisoners In Your Next Negotiation

September 20, 2016

How your next negotiation is going to turn out will be determined by how you open the negotiation. No matter if the other side is a push-over or a tough customer, you are going to have to decide how you want the negotiation to start and then you are going to have to take steps […]

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The Options That You Have Are Determined By Framing

September 16, 2016

More than once when I’ve been involved in a negotiation with all of its negotiation styles and negotiating techniques, there has come a point in the negotiations when the other side has put down their pen, looked at me, and said “so what’s it going to be: option A or option B?” Ouch, talk about […]

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The Best Negotiators Know That They Can Learn From Children

September 2, 2016

As negotiators, we all want to become better at what we do. Now, there are a lot of different ways to go about doing this. We can attend fancy course, read a lot of books, or even watch countless hours of videos in order to develop our negotiation styles and negotiating techniques. However, it turns […]

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How Negotiators Can Deal With “Scrambled Eggs”

August 26, 2016

If you ever take a look at the types of people who are attracted to the negotiating profession, you’ll find that they normally share a great deal in common. Specifically, these are people who like things to be nice and neat. Everything has a place for them. What they really don’t like is chaos. That’s […]

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New Book: Secrets To Organizing A Speech For Maximum Impact

August 25, 2016

The goal of any speaker is that when they give their speech their audience hangs on their every word. In order to make this happen, we need to find ways to organize our speech so that we can both capture and hold our audience’s attention from start to finish. What You’ll Find Inside: BACK TO […]

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How To Influence The Other Side During A Negotiation

August 19, 2016

Ultimately a negotiation is all about getting the other side to do what you want them to do. You can ask them, threaten them, beg them, intimidate them, or try a number of other things but ultimately all of your negotiation styles and negotiating techniques are designed to find a way to get them to […]

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