Monthly Archives: October 2014

Don’t Let Your Shortcomings Affect Your Next Negotiation

I’m not perfect – are you? I’m willing to bet that you are willing to admit that, like me, you are not perfect. However, when we know that we are not perfect a most peculiar thing seems to happen: we try to ignore it. It turns out that this is […]

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4 Ways To Simplify Your Next Negotiation

Let’s face it – with all of the different negotiation styles and negotiating techniques that we use, negotiations can become very complex if we are not careful. As a negotiator you should always be looking for ways to simplify the negotiating process. However, at the same time you need to […]

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Let Mr. Zipf Help You Win To Your Next Negotiation

Ok, so I admit it, “win” is generally not a term that we are supposed to use when talking about a negotiation. Remember, it’s not about winning or losing a negotiation, but rather how you play the game. However, let’s say that what I really mean is that no matter […]

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