Monthly Archives: January 2012

Plan Your Next Negotiation, Negotiate Your Plan, Be Successful

When I’m working with negotiators who are trying to become better, they always ask me what the secret to moving to the next level is. For years I always told them that there was no “silver bullet” that would allow them to make the jump. It was just going to […]

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Sales Negotiators Know That The Devil Is In The Details

What is it going to take to make your next sales negotiation work out the way that you want it to? Do you need to go buy a bunch of negotiating books to learn the latest negotiation styles or negotiating techniques? Do you need to bring in a hired gun? […]

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5 Tips For Selecting The Right Location To Negotiate In

What’s your goal for your next negotiation? If you are like 99.9% of the other negotiators out there, you want to have the other side agree to your requests while at the same time not having to agree to too many of their requests. Hmm, how best to make this […]

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Get What You Want By Bringing A Purple Monkey To Your Next Negotiation

How did your last negotiation go? Did you and the other side of the table spend your time working through a long list of demands that the other side had made? Did you end up feeling as though you had negotiated for a very long time? The next time that […]

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