Monthly Archives: December 2011

Sales Negotiators Need To Know How To Use Regulations And Laws To Reach A Deal

I can only speak for myself, but when I’m headed into a negotiation I like to have as much freedom to do things as possible. That’s why I tend to shudder when I discover that there are regulations or even laws that are going to impact the negotiations. However, maybe […]

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Negotiating In France & Korea: It’s Like A Whole Different World

Got a great email from reader Nadir Benouali the other evening. Nadir has a fantastic set of negotiating experiences and was willing to share them. Nadir is a US citizen of Algerian origin, and speaks Arabic, Spanish, and French. He has spent the last 20 years negotiating business around the […]

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Video: Japanese Sales Negotiation Secrets

  Dr. Jim Anderson looks into why Japanese negotiators have been so successful. What he discovers is that there are three secrets that Japanese negotiators use during a sales negotiation in order to get the deal that they want. Dr. Anderson shares these 3 secrets with you in this short […]

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