Monthly Archives: October 2011

Negotiators Know That You Can Only Win By Taking The High Ground

When it comes to how you want to conduct your next negotiation, there are an almost limitless number of ways to go about doing it. Some of them are above board and some of them are downright sneaky. I’m going to suggest that if you want to walk away from […]

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If At First You Don’t Succeed, Then Keep On Talking

The goal of any sales negotiation is for both sides of the table to eventually reach an agreement that they both can live with. Although this sounds simple, sometimes such an agreement can appear to be unobtainable. However, never say never – it turns out that there is a simple […]

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Nobody Likes A Good Negotiator

So it turns out that one of the key personality characteristics that may have gotten you this far in your career may actually be hindering your ability to negotiate. Yep, in the world of negotiating, there’s no place for a nice guy. It’s All About Conflict We spend a lot […]

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