Monthly Archives: September 2011

Video: Negotiation Awards: Who’s The Best Negotiator In The World?

Dr. Jim Anderson discovers who the best negotiators in the world are — 2-year olds! Dr. Anderson explores how kids learn to negotiate and what lessons sales negotiators can learn from little kids. If you want to get more negotiating secrets, subscribe to the free The Accidental Negotiator newsletter here: […]

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Sales Negotiators Know That It’s Ok To Be Irrational

How do you view yourself when you are conducting a negotiation? Do you see yourself as poised, confident, and above all rational? I think that most of us see ourselves this way. However, it turns out that we might be missing something here – there is a real power in […]

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Sales Negotiators Know That They Don’t Have To be A Know-It-All

Can you remember back to when you were in school? At the end of the term in each class there would be a big test that would determine if you had learned what had been taught to you. You’d do all of your homework and then you’d take extra time […]

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Secrets To Conducting A Successful International Negotiation

Got a great email from reader Nadir Benouali the other evening. Nadir has a fantastic set of negotiating experiences and was willing to share them. Nadir is a US citizen of Algerian origin, and speaks Arabic, Spanish, and French. He has spent the last 20 years negotiating business around the […]

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