Monthly Archives: February 2011

Sales Negotiators Know That The Phone Is Not Your Best Friend

Isn’t the telephone a wonderful invention? I mean just sitting there at your desk you can pick it up (or flip open your mobile) and reach out and touch just about anyone in the world. It sure seems like this must the best way to do sales negotiations in the […]

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The Accidental Negotiator In The News!

Dr. Jim Anderson was recently interviewed by the web site SaleSchool. They wanted to get his opinion on what it takes to get ready for a negotiation. The writeup, along with a story about how a negotiation that appeared to be lost was saved, is included in their online story. […]

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Is It Possible To Have A Sales Negotiation With A Friend?

Sigh. So this is a very difficult subject to talk about. Generally when we talk about negotiating, we’re talking about sitting down and going at it with an unnamed and unknown “other side of the table”. When that other side is somebody that we already know, with whom we already […]

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Sales Negotiators Know That A Good Bargain Can Close A Deal

When you are negotiating with the other side of the table, you want them to agree to your deal. In order to make this happen, you have to find a way to motivate them to “buy” what you are selling. One of the most powerful ways to make this happen […]

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Good Negotiators Know The Power Of “What If?”

How are your mind reading skills? Not so good? Dang – just imagine how handy that would come in during your next sales negotiation. You could just close your eyes and you’d be able to see what the other side of the table was thinking. I can’t help you get […]

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