Monthly Archives: January 2011

Escalation Power: How To Use It, How To Defend Against It

When we’re talking about negotiating and someone brings up the tactic of escalation what pops into your head right off the bat? Do you see yourself becoming frustrated with the person that you’re negotiating with and getting up and storming off to go have a talk with their boss? That’s […]

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Why Sales Negotiators Need To Watch Out For The Give & Take

You may or may not realize it, but the other side of the table in a sales negotiation might be as smart or even smarter than you are. I say this not to make you worried, but rather to make sure that you remain aware throughout the entire negotiation. A […]

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Why Professional Sales Negotiators Like The Krunch Tactic

In order to be a successful sales negotiator you need to be able to walk away with the lowest prices when you engage in a negotiation. As you might suspect, the key is how you get there. Having multiple tactics that you can use is your ticket to success. The […]

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