Monthly Archives: October 2010

Using The Bogey Tactic To Get Your Way In A Sales Negotiation

So there you are in a sales negotiation, you like what is being offered to you but there is one small problem. You don’t have enough money to buy it. What can you do? Walking away is of course one option; however, maybe there’s something else that you can do. […]

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Why Professional Sales Negotiators Build A House Of Straw

In order to make your next sales negotiation a success, you are going to end up having to make some concessions. Knowing that you’re going to end up having to do this means that you’re going to need to have some strategies up you sleeve relating to how you want […]

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Why Providing A “Best And Final Offer” Is Never A Good Idea

Every sales negotiation starts out in a particular way. Sometimes it’s good like when the other side lays out the issues and makes a concession to you right off the bat.Other times it’s bad. You know it’s going to be bad when the first words out of the other side’s […]

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Sales Negotiators Need To Step Into The Other Side’s Shoes For A Bit

How are you going to help the other side of the table make a decision the next time you sit down to a sales negotiation? It turns out that in order to increase your chances of successfully reaching an agreement, you’re going to have to step into the shoes of […]

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Get Ready For The Hunt: How To Gather Information For Sales Negotiations

Let’s go hunting, shall we? If you are getting ready to enter into a sales negotiation, then you need to make sure that you have collected all of the information about the deal and the other side of the table that you can. In order to do this, you’re going […]

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