Monthly Archives: April 2010

Stand Your Ground: Two Ways To Not Fold During A Sales Negotiation

So there you are: the classic sales negotiator in the headlights. You’ve got a firm fixed price that you’ve been told to not budge on and yet you know that you’re getting ready to start a negotiation during which the other side is going to be hammering you to lower […]

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Get Your Armor On! 4 Ways To Defend Your Price During A Sales Negotiation

Much has been written (some of it by me) about what a sales negotiator can do when the other side of the table has set a fixed price and just won’t budge. We’ve come up with all sorts of ways to turn a fixed price into not such a fixed […]

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Two Secret Ways To Break Down Firm Prices During A Negotiation

When I was younger, I always liked to read those stories that had a knight in shining armor showing up at just the right time, dueling with the fire-breathing dragon, winning, and then riding off into the sunset with the princess. As I became older, I learned that there are […]

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