A Negotiator’s Best Friend: Time To Think

Quick – what is the most important characteristic of a negotiator? Sorry, that was a trick question – there are a number of correct possible answers. However, one trait that needs to be on that list is patience. Although being an American can often be an great asset, in negotiations sometimes it can be a […]

Weird Negotiating: The Buy Now – Negotiate Later Tactic

I’ve always thought that this tactic was just a little bit crazy, but I have come to think that it goes on a lot more than any of us may believe. To set the stage properly, you’ve got to be able to imagine a buyer who is desperate. For whatever reason, a project has got […]

Negotiating Self Defense: Countering The Reverse Auction Tactic

I’ve always liked superheros. From my earliest days of reading comic books to my current-day trips to the movie theater to see Spiderman and Iron Man, I just don’t seem to be able to get my fill of superheros. I believe that superheros, although fictional (probably – however I still have hope), can teach us […]

How To Negotiate To Buy A New Car In 2009

Ok, so let’s be straight about this – buying a new car is one of the biggest negotiations that most of us do on an annual basis. Any time that we have a chance to find out how to do a better job at negotiating this transaction, it’s almost like putting more money into our […]

Negotiation Tactic: The Reverse Auction

In the world of negotiations, there are few tactics as old and as well thought of as the “reverse auction”. This is a powerful negotiating technique that allows a buyer to get the sellers to offer their best pricing for the most amount of work. Not bad if you are a buyer, eh? Check out […]

What If There Was No “What If” Negotiation Tactic?

During a negotiation, there often arise cases where we’d really like to get the seller to give us information that they really don’t want to give to us. If only there was some way to test the other side’s willingness to settle with us. Oh, and if there was a way to also “zero in” […]

Negotiation Firestarter: The Take It Or Leave It Tactic

If you really want to set off the other side of the table during a negotiation, one great way to do this is to tell them that they can “take it or leave it.” This is pretty much the verbal equivalent of throwing gas on a fire – you are guaranteed to generate hostility on […]

How Do You Deal With The Rest Of The Iceberg During A Negotiation?

As the captain of the Titanic, Edward John Smith, did a fairly good job of looking out for the parts of icebergs that were above water. What got him in the end is when the Titanic hit a part of an iceberg that he couldn’t see because it was below water. In negotiating, all too […]

Succeed By Bringing The Ghost Whisperer To The Negotiation

So there you are, sitting across the the table from the other side starting a negotiation. If only you are able to use your considerable negotiating talents to convince them that what you want is best for them, then you’re sure to get what you want – right? Nope, it turns out that although you […]