Monthly Archives: September 2008

Say Hello To The Bogey-Man – A Negotiator’s Best Friend

As a negotiator, the key to your long-term success is to have a number of different techniques that you can use when a situation calls for it. One way to think about this is like a carpenter who has a tool belt with his most commonly used tools on it. […]

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Both Win: How To Negotiate A Better Deal For Both Parties

The phrase “win-win” is looking pretty ragged along about now. How about if we talk about the much more meaningful “both win” strategy for negotiating? The key to creating a successful both-win negotiation is to remember that at its heart, negotiation is all about sharing value between both parties. If […]

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Do You Want To Play A Game? EA & Take-Two’s Negotiating Failure

At this blog, we firmly believe that the best negotiating learning comes from observing the real world – not from just reading yet-another-book-on-negotiating. Thankfully, there continue to be a number of fantastic stories in the news that provide key lessons on how companies negotiate with each other and, all too […]

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We’ve Moved (But You Shouldn’t Care)

Over the weekend I moved “The Accidental Negotiator” blog from its comfortable home at Google’s Blogger to a brand new home at a self-hosted WordPress site called, of course, All of the existing posts and comments have been copied over to the new blog – it is complete. The […]

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